C-1 International Asia Co., Ltd


About us

            C-1 is a subsidiary of M-1, a joint-stock company
            in Japan, which was founded in 2004.

            We are providing one-stop services to the business
            in the food and beverage industry, Including design,
            construction management and maintenance of the
            interior space and facilities, and the preparation of
            kitchen equipment and cutlery.


Why choose C-1

  • Always provide the best service for clients,
    from design to after-services.
  • Creative view point, design and product
  • Always stand by clients.
  • Coordinating different materials, technology,
    space and exchange rate of every business


  • 1、Layout Simulation
  • 2、Planning/Design
  • 3、Interior work control
  • 4、Sign Board
  • 5、Furniture
  • 6、Kitchen
  • 7、Equipment & Accessories
  • 8、Maintenance
  • 9、Tender
  • 10、Others


Client: The Round House Location: Hong Kong, PRC 1 2 3

We’re waiting for you who can share ambitions.
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16/10/2018 Assistant Designer Hong KongApply


Room 404, 4/F, Yuen Fat Industrial Building,
25 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


Our company’s mission is “to provide the best and cheapest service and products in a shortest period”.
Clients’ interests are our utmost concern and we work to choose the most suitable products, plan the best
solutions and provide the most comprehensive before- and after-services for clients.

(Asia) C-1 International Asia Co., Ltd
Date of Establishment: 2013
Number of Employees: 9
Address: Room 404, 4/F, Yuen Fat Industrial Building,25 Wang Chiu Road, Kowloon Bay, HK.
Tel: +852-3460-4084  
Fax: +852-3460-3024

(China) C-1 Co.,Ltd  Shanghai Branch
Date of Establishment: 2012
Number of Employees: 13
Address: Room 2306, No.1, Lane600, Tianshan Road, Changning District, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-21-6019-7079
Fax: +86-21-6019-7056

(China) C-1  Co.,Ltd    Guangzhou Branch
Date of Establishment: 2010
Number of Employees: 19
Address:  Room3305, 33F, East Tower, Yangcheng International Commercial Centre, NO.122 TiYuDong Road TianHe district, Guangzhou, China.
Tel: +86-20-8527-9243
Fax: +86-20-3892-1314

 (China) C-1 Co.,Ltd    Beijing Chaoyang Branch

(Vietnam) C-1 International Vietnam Co.,Ltd


Design and Project Construction Workflow


1.Field trip
Going on a field trip is the first step of the whole construction process, which is also an extremely important one. It is to collect all the necessary information of the shop site, including drainage, electricity, fire services, environment, air-conditioning system etc. Our designer will also need the exact measurements (height, length and width) to start designing.

2.Blueprint draft
The set of drafts include a floor plan and a perspective. The floor plan will be drawn in the scale ranging between 1:50 and 1:100. It shows the sectioning, placement of furniture, location of kitchen, setting of facilities and more. The function of the perspective sketch is to display the whole space in a 3-dimendional way. This allows clients to have a clear picture of how the space will be utilized. Clients can have a look at our drafts to see if the style is suitable for them before considering the price.

3.Designing contract
If our drafts meet client’s needs,and the pricing has been discussed and finalized, the next step for us will be to write a contract. Our contract will consist of these crucial elements: Name of client(owner) and name of our company, blueprint with description, including floor plan with actual scenes, newly designed setting plan, space sectioning plan, floor tile design, ceiling design, lighting plan, water supply and electricity setting plan, space elevations, architectural rendering etc. List of materials needed, including the chosen floor tiles, ceiling, drainage and electricity, color code of the paint to be used on the walls, and quotation with construction methods to be used, quantity, unit price, total price will be shown. Designing charge with detailed description will be included.

4.Drawings Plan
A full set of shop drawings has to include all the drawings needed for the construction. Apart from plans, 3 dimensional drawings (front, top and side view), interior design, water supply and electricity setting plan, floor tile pattern, ceiling design, lighting plan, sectioning plan, 3 dimensional architectural renderings, and detailed sections will be provided.

According to the drawings provided by designer, the quotation lists out accurate measurements, quantity and construction method to be used. The quotation we provide, no matter whether the prices are included or excluded, is always complete, clear and detailed.

6.Construction Contract
Besides the basic agreements, we attach shop drawings and quotation, showing the method of payment, construction period, calculation for add-ons, penalty, warranty period etc. to avoid future arguments. This also guarantees that clients can work with us in trust.

7.Construction Period and Schedule
We will discuss and finalize the construction period with our clients, with their requirements and the situation of the construction site in mind. The next step will work out a schedule for all the construction work based on the period decided. For instance, the measuring of furniture, installation of kitchen facilities, and preparation before the grand opening will all be a part of the plan.

8.Site Coordination and Monitoring
Once the construction work has begun, our designer and supervisors will ensure that construction is done on schedule, as well as monitoring the quality of work, and reporting the construction progress to client. The designer will also accompany with client at the time of site visits, to explain details of the construction work and communicate with them face-to-face.

When the construction work is completed, we will check the finished site with our client according to the design and contract. If there is any imperfection, we will fix it according to the contract terms. If the construction is delayed, we will compensate for the delay as agreed and provide all the explanations required.

With our professional and diverse after-sales services maintenance team,We provide repair and maintenance to our projects. After receiving the warranty period, our maintenance team can provide maintenance services related to construction, furniture, kitchen, facilities etc. After a phone call or a fax, our team starts working on providing services which are efficient, affordable and in supreme quality.