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Always provide the best after-sales services for clients.

How it works


Malfunction Report

In case of a malfunction, please report the situation following steps (Request to be made by manager or head chef, assistants should not make q request)

Please fill in the work order form ( Form 1 ) to clearly state themaintenance services needed, then fax it to C-1 ( call us directly in case of emergency ).



After C-1 received the request, our maintenance team will find a solution to the problems reported, and then fax the proposed plan and estimated time to the restaurant.

(According to the form, sometimes we would call the restaurant to get more details, especially on the facilities).


Follow Up

If the construction work needs to be undergone at night, and the duration would be more than 2 hours, the restaurant does not need to arrange staff to stay during the process. C-1 will have a person in charge staying in the restaurant to monitor the process.

The key will be sent back to the restaurant in next day.



C-1 reconfirms the maintenance details with client. Fees will be charged according to the month-end maintenance forms.



Our manager will collect the maintenance from shop manager by Fax.



After the repairing is done, our project manager will briefly report and the maintenance work details to the shop manager will sign on the report as a confirmation.


Comprehensive Analysis

The first Monday of each month, we will provide a maintenance analysis of previous month to clients.

At the end of each year, we provide an annual maintenance analysis and a year-end review. We will discuss with clients on ideas how to reduce maintenance rate.